letters to my gays

as a queer writer, i wanted to start a project which connected lgbtq+ individuals around the world through the power of words. so, the ‘letters to my gays’ project was born. it works like a pen pal system to spread positivity, support, and love within the lgbtq+ community. the project has only recently started and i want you to join in!

to get involved, reach out to me by answering the questions below. these questions will help me match you with your pen pal.

alternatively, you are welcome to direct message me on instagram. introduce yourself, say hey! you may talk to me about whatever you wish to, whatever is on your mind, whether it be films, books, your studies, your everyday life, lgbtq+ issues.



thank you so much for submitting your form!

next, i will review your answers and get in contact with you via email. from there, i will put you in contact with another person. remember, you can continue to email me whenever you feel like it. due to my work hours, it may take up to 4 business days to hear a response from me, but don’t worry, i will ALWAYS respond!

i am so excited to welcome you to ‘letters to my gays’. i so look forward to hearing from you soon, future friends.

with love,

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