hi, my name is sophie grace hollis. i am a solid girl and queer writer from east london, england. i live with the love of my life, jillianne, in scotland. thanks for being here.

Berlin balconies

sophie. what she does

and what she loves

when sophie is not writing, she works as a swimming teacher. writing and swim-teaching are two things that she finds do not tend to mix but really do (and beautifully) at the same time. children are full of energy and spirit, and often the smallest and simplest of words they use have the biggest impact in her work.

the rest of the time sophie goes where there is peace and quiet. she likes long drives at dusk and looking up at the trees in the sun. together with her girlfriend, jillianne, they escape city life to go camping and wild swimming in the highlands of scotland as often as they can. they find new places to explore and hit the road, occasionally stopping at mcdonalds drive thru’s on their way. they travel often but it is still not enough.


sophie’s favourite books are private peaceful by michael morpurgo and danny the champion of the world by roald dahl. her favourite poem is love after love by derek walcott. she is also not at all ashamed to say that she adores period-dramas, with all their elizabethan dresses, exposed collarbones, horse neighs and illicit love to boot.


sophie appreciates powerful women full of spirit and bold trench-coats like lena headey and old men with a world of wisdom on their shoulders like gary oldman, robert carlyle and bill nighy. these people make up her celebrity-heroes.


overall, sophie is 81% on the deep scale, but she also enjoys menial chit-chat about your fave part of the british roast dinner. she is your friend, your ally. keep up to date with her writings here. feel free to contact her for freelance and collab opportunities. 

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