hi, my name is sophie grace hollis. but let’s not be so formal. i am a solid girl and queer writer from east london, england. i live with the love of my life, jillianne, in the west of scotland. did we move there so we could wear jumpers most of the year? basically. thank you for being here. follow me down below where i chat more random shit.

Berlin balconies

hi you alright

i am a scruffy happy writer poet person. when i try to be neat it all goes tits up. it is pretty weird to write a description of yourself to strangers, so i’ll keep it simple. i write, i read, i travel as often as i can. i drink pints, i eat bourbon biscuits. i enjoy a homemade veggie lasagne more than most things. and roast dinners in pubs on sundays. i feel calmest by the sea. i am nostalgic. i am gentle and prickly. i am deep, whilst also partaking in menial chit-chat. i watch tv and film that represent astounding women throughout history. i especially love it if the women are queer, because i am.

the rest of the time i go where there is peace and quiet. jillianne and i are in favour of long drives at dusk and looking up at the trees in the sun. any free weekend we always try to escape the city life to go hiking, camping and wild swimming all over scotland. we recently climbed ben lomond, our first munro. if you like landscape pics, you can see some of them on my travel photography page. we find new places to explore and hit the road, occasionally stopping at mcdonalds drive thru’s on our way. one day we will stumble upon our forever home behind some trees. we haven’t found the wee one yet.

see you in a bit yeah

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feel free to contact me for freelance or collab opportunities, especially if they’re about gay stuff or travel. thanks for stopping by, thanks for supporting my work. you’re nice you know.

© Copyright Sophie Grace Hollis 2019. All rights reserved.

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